Learn How Proposed Gas Terminal In Gulf Works

The proposed LNG terminal near Alabama is called Compass Port. It's basically an off-shore storage tank, docked 11 miles south of Dauphin Island.

Every four days, a carrier would pull up to the plant to unload the natural gas that's been chilled and condensed into a liquid. The gas is stored in two round tanks until it's needed.

When it's time to go to market, the gas makes its way to a square platform in the middle of the facility. This is where the liquid gas is re-heated and turned into gas form. The plant actually pulls up the ocean water to warm-up the gas, and returns the water once the process is finished. This can cause the water temperature to drop about ten degrees.

After that, the gas is pumped through underwater pipelines to the shore of Coden, Alabama.  The gas would then be distributed to refineries, power plants and homes.