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Christmas shopping getting busier


The countdown is on.  Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? If not, there's no reason to panic. You've got five full shopping days left until the holiday. And you're certainly not alone.

Smiling retailers are counting on those last-minute crowds.  In case you're wondering, this Saturday is often the busiest shopping day of the year.

"It's been a great season. We started off with a bang on Black Friday and it has continued. And every day we get closer to Christmas, the crowds will get bigger, the traffic will get bigger and the sales volume will get bigger," said Michelle Rogers with Edgewater Mall.

We found Ariel Bergeron with a few bags filled with gifts.  She's just getting started on her holiday list.

"Today is the day it's going to get done. Today is the day it's going to get done. All one day," she promised.

"Today we're shopping for my husband and my children and friends," said Ella Graham of Ocean Springs, "I've got a few more things to pick up."

A business magazine survey says fewer than 20 percent of us have finished our Christmas shopping by now.  Shawnna Coney just joined that group.

"I just started like the first day of December. And just got through. Just bought the last, just now," she said.

We found plenty of couples, like Sue and Thomas Butler, out shopping together Wednesday.

"I'm mostly just looking. And he's buying," said Sue Butler.

"Long as it takes a little bit of money, not much. Just a little bit," added her husband, Thomas.

Lonnie Necaise and 10 month old Ainsley are almost finished with the Christmas list.

"'Bout to wrap it up. 'Bout to wrap up," said Necaise, "It's only once a year. So, it's good."

For those of you with more shopping to do, you've still got a few days left.

"It will continue to get busier," said Rogers.

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