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Boxes filled with love are headed to New York


Small containers, only the size of a shoe box, are packed and wrapped with thought and love for residents of Coney Island, New York.

Di Fillhart who started Operation Christmas Compassion Coney Island said, "My real challenge to everybody was create the box that you wish someone would have handed to you the Christmas after Katrina."

And the community accepted that challenge, more than 100 boxes have been collected and filled with all sorts of things.

Martha Whitney Butler said, "We donated several really interesting boxes mainly one that is the diva box we put a lot of girly stuff in it and of course one for a kid we put a lot of toys in it."

Fillhart said, "We have a snack box because there were no decent snacks after Katrina, we all know that."

Along with all the gifts is a hand written note to let those who receive the box know it is going to be alright.

Butler said, "I think it is going to mean everything to them, just to know there are other people out there that may have been through the same thing, just to have the support even if it is a thousand miles away."

Fillhart said, "It's a place where you can't find a lot of love because the things used to be warm and fuzzy around you aren't there anymore. So just something that comes from someone that never met you that takes time and talent and treasures and invest it for you. It's the love potion."

Fillhart and her son are leaving Friday to personally hand out the boxes to residents of Coney Island and she hopes that they not only bring love and cheer, but also hope that their community can recover just like ours has.

"We don't just bounce back, we bounce back. Bounce higher and encourage others to do the same," Fillhart said.

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