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Pascagoula children gather to pray for CT victims


The tragedy in Connecticut has affected folks across the nation including the coast. Pascagoula coast children gathered to pray that the children murdered in Connecticut would find peace in heaven. But not nearly as difficult as trying to explain to children and teens why someone would murder innocent little children.

Sixteen-year-old Michael Youngblood said, "A lot of people are confused about why people are killing people. I feel bad for the parents there when they stood outside the school not knowing if their kid made it or not. I know it's got to be hard on them."

On Saturday, the Skate For Jesus Youth Ministry held a special prayer service for the victims' grieving families.

Sk8 4 Jesus Founder Bobby Smith, Jr. said, "We prayed, and we prayed long. And we prayed hard for the families. I mean I can't imagine the pain of staring at presents that won't be opened this year."

Smith said because it's a sensitive subject. He is leaving it up to parents to discuss with their children about the shooting itself. However, the service was also a chance to reassure kids that little children who lost their lives are now in heaven.

"That those children were senselessly murdered in a place called Newtown and that they're in a better place now," Smith said, "There in a place called heaven, the kingdom of heaven and they're playing with Jesus right now. "

Skate For Jesus members said more than ever they see how important it is to teach children to follow the right path in life.

"If we don't reach these kids now and if don't claim them for Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior the streets of this world will claim them," Smith said. "Alcohol abuse will claim them. Drug abuse will claim them. It's the world we live in. "

Youngblood said, "My prayer was that I hope they make it out this hard time. I want the families to know that their kids are in a better place with God."

Skate For Jesus meets every Saturday in I. G. Levy Park in Pascagoula from 9 AM until 11 AM. Next weekend the youth ministry will be hosting a holiday event with games and prizes. The public is invited.

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