BIllion Dollar Grant Helps Mississippi Homeless

Instead of always being the ones to give help, homeless shelters across the state are now in the receiving line.

The federal government announced a billion dollar grant to help the homeless.

Mississippi will receive nearly five million dollars of that money.

James Sutton, with the Salvation Army in Jackson, says the money will aid them in helping those who want to help themselves. The Jackson metro area will receive $127,000. The Salvation Army's share of the money will go toward renovating Jackson's current shelter into one strictly for women. They will also build a new one for the men. Sutton estimates there's about 500 homeless people in Jackson alone.

One million of the 4.8 million coming to Mississippi will be used for a housing and emergency counseling program at the University of Southern Mississippi. The recovery house in Columbus will receive more than $600,000. Programs in Meridian and Cleveland will also benefit.

Cities in Mississippi may also apply for an additional $1.4 million in emergency shelter grants.