Shoppers Look For Bargains

Christmas has come and gone, but if you are serious shopper, that is good news. The reason is because some stores drastically reduce prices the day after Christmas.

We found a lot of folks at Edgewater Mall this afternoon, people like Heather Hoffman. For Christmas the only gift Heather Hoffman had under the tree was a calender. However, don't think that's the only thing she wanted for Christmas. Heather is a very smart young lady. "Actually I just wanted money for Christmas so I can come the day after and get everything really cheap." So we found Heather and her Mom sitting on a mall bench, comparing what they would have paid before Christmas, and what they paid for it after Christmas. Her Mom, Becky Hoffman, says maybe they celebrated Christmas too early. " What we should have done is have our Christmas on the 28th and come shopping afterwards."

Heather and her Mom were not the only ones out shopping today. We asked some people why they came out today, including Leonard Bentz of Biloxi. " You can save some money today, I assure you my wife is saving plenty of money, she is around here somewhere."

One lady told us, she wasn't buying anything today. "I have seen some bargains, but I don't have a single package. My husband should be very proud of me, shouldn't he?"

Of course, some of the people out today, where not shopping for bargains, but returning something that did not fit, or, they just didn't like. Expect the crowds to be pretty heavy at the stores at least through this weekend.

By Jeff Lawson