Home For Abused Girls Hopes To Open In 2001

A group on the coast is about half way to raising the $750,000 needed to build a home for abused and neglected girls on the coast. There are a six Methodist Children's homes in Mississippi, but none on the coast.

Teenage girls who have been referred by the Department of Human Services would stay in the home for nine months to a year to help bring some stability back to their lives.

"They are assimilated right into the community," said Sherman Muths, who is coordinating the fundraising effort. "They live there with a husband and wife that are specially trained and what we do is break the cycle of abuse or neglect and get them straightened out and in a stable situation."

After that, the girls would be moved into foster homes.

Land has already been purchased for this project, but the group still needs about 350-thousand dollars so construction can begin.

If you're interested in donating or if you'd like more information, contact Sherman Muths at 864-3156. You can also mail donations to P. O. Box 1630 Gulfport, MS 39502.