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Page 13: Christmas on ice


It's snowing in Biloxi. The theater at Beau Rivage has been transformed into a winter wonderland for the show "The Holiday Ice Spectacular".

Executive Producer Jeb Rand says the show goes all out to make guests feel like they've wandered into a magical Christmas scene.

"We've done some tricks where it will feel cool in here with the snow. Bring a jacket or sweater, get close to your loved ones because it's a fun filled evening with coolness," Rand said. 

Breathtaking routines, set to Christmas music take the audience on a thrilling holiday journey.

Rand is excited about the cast which is made up of world class figure skaters. 

"Most of them are gold medalist's. Our lead male skater is an international competitor. Our female soloist is a two time U.S. Gold medalist. Our leads are of the highest caliber," Rand said. 

Here's a fascinating inside story. The performers are not skating on actual ice.

It's a state of the art surface that simulates ice. The specially designed material allows the skaters to jump, spin, twist and turn just as if they were on a frozen sheet of ice.

"We spray a liquid silicon on the surface which gives it less friction and more glide. When people come in they'll see big flips and other moves. You have no idea we're on synthetic ice," Rand explained. 

It's a Christmas story on ice with all your favorite characters. "The Holiday Ice Spectacular", in the Beau Rivage theater through December 30. 

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