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Search expands for Diamondhead credit union robbers

(Photo source: Hancock Co. Sheriff's Dept.) (Photo source: Hancock Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

A nationwide search is now underway for the man and woman who robbed the Keesler Federal Credit Union in Diamondhead. It is believed they made off with about $3,000 last Thursday. And though they were caught several times on surveillance video, who they are and where they are remains a mystery.

The small financial institution is at the end of a dead end road, in a small business complex, and only has two tellers. But those factors may have actually made the tiny branch a more attractive target.

"With only two tellers, the chances of any customers being there, you can limit that by checking it out. No other interference, nothing else to complicated it to go wrong," said Chief Investigator Glenn Grannan with the Hancock County Sheriff's Department.

Grannan said surveillance video has given investigators many clues like showing the two suspects in the credit union more than once within two hours of the robbery.

"Obviously they were just going in and looking at the situation. They were evaluating what was going on," explained Grannan.

Grannan said both spoke to the tellers.

"He wanted to know if this was the Peoples Bank. He just walked by a sign that said Keesler. There were a lot of signs that I hope that most clerks in the banking industry would pick up on. It's easy to be distracted you've got something else on your mind and you're not paying attention: He kept his hands in his pockets. The girl kept her hands covered with her sweat shirt. That would certainly make me suspicious."

Grannan doesn't believe the duo is from this area because they did nothing to hide their identities.

"It seems their M.O. All the precautions they took, the things that they did, it seems that they thought it out or they actually have experience at it, they've done it before. And that's what we're trying to determine now."

Eye witnesses and video also confirm the suspects made their get away through the Diamondhead community, instead of immediately fleeing to I-10. Investigators also revised their description of the kind of car the pair used in the heist. The believe the suspects left in a dark gray 2008 Ford Focus with new Mississippi tags. But they also believe those tags were stolen.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to contact the Hancock County Sheriff's Department at (228) 255-9191.

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