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Relief Supplies Leave The Coast for New Jersey

A large tractor trailer truck full of hurricane relief supplies, left the Mississippi Coast heading to New Jersey Friday afternoon.

The tractor trailer, which was donated by John Fayard Trucking, will go to Monmouth, New Jersey. That area is just one of the many communities hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

The supplies have been collected over the past few weeks at Harrison County fire and police stations, as well as the county courthouse, the Island View Casino, and other locales.

The truck was carrying more than 10 pallets, with everything you could imagine.

The list included blankets, sheets, and about 14,000 bottles of water, donated by Island View.

Organizers wanted to thank the generous people of the coast for the donations.

There is no doubt that just as we are still in the recovery phase from Hurricane Katrina, so will much of the northeast,  for years to come.

In a sense, this is a way of paying back all the generosity we received seven years ago, after Katrina struck.

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