Volunteers Feed Hundreds In Gulfport

When we think of Christmas time, we think of spending time with family and friends, and getting all of those great Christmas gifts. The volunteers say it feels great to receive gifts, but it feels even better to give.

"Like everybody says that they feel good after they help somebody that's less fortunate," said volunteerAdrian Evans.

Thanks to the volunteers, about 2000 people received a hot meal on Christmas Day, but the meals do more than fill empty stomachs, they also fill people's lives with meaning.

"We're giving something else and that's fellowship," said Harrison County Sheriff George Payne. "Christmas and Thanksgiving for most of us are the happiest times of the year. A lot of people don't have anybody else on Christmas, so they want somebody just to be with them and to talk and say Merry Christmas to. So, we not only deliver hot meals. We deliver fellowship."

And that fellowship is felt throughout the community. Every year more and more people participate. Some people even turn it into a family affair.

"We brought the whole family out," said volunteer Ray Groat. "Give a little Christmas spirit to everybody that's less fortunate. Hopefully, it will teach the kids that Christmas is more about giving than receiving."

Most volunteers say helping the needy is something we should do, not only on Christmas but, throughout the year.