Governor Musgrove Reflects On First Year In Office

When asked to give a couple of adjectives to describe his first year in office, Governor Ronnie Musgrove said challenging yet exciting. He believes the state has made great strides in areas that will make a difference for the people.

"I said in my state of the state the biggest challenge or obstacle facing the people of Mississippi was raising teacher pay to the south eastern average," Musgrove said. "It's something we've only dreamed about in times passed but this year I signed a bill to raise teacher pay."

A new economic development incentive package is another accomplishment the governor said he's proud of and, of course, luring Nissan Motor Company to build a billion dollar plant near Jackson ranks up there as well.

Governor Musgrove is reluctant to call his tenure in office historic, even though it started with the House of Representatives electing him to the state's highest seat. Musgrove just calls it an excellent opportunity.

"I feel like we have taken advantage of that opportunity and time to do some things that will help Mississippians and will make a difference. I'm proud of that. I'll just let others determine if it's historic or not," he said.

As for the governor's next step, he says he'll introduce several new initiatives during the upcoming legislative session. Musgrove wouldn't really give any hints, though, just that he'll announce them during his state of the state address on January 4th.