Mail Carriers Busy On Christmas Eve

Mail carriers delivered between 600 and 700 packages in Biloxi alone on Sunday. Many of those packages normally wouldn't have been delivered because it's a Sunday, but the post office is making the extra delieveries, so that people will get their Christmas presents on time.

No letters will go out Sunday or Monday, just packages and express mail.  Just sorting those packages was quite a big job Sunday.

"Today, we're getting in a lot of parcels that normally probably would have been in here Thursday or Friday, but due to the inclement weather we've had up north, they're starting to turn a lot of it loose, we'll have two or three runs in today with incoming parcels," Biloxi Postmaster Mike Bertucci said.

"I'm thinking about the looks on their faces when they open their presents and once I finish here, I get to go home and think about opening mine," said Michael Jones, a post office clerk.

Mail carriers will be at it again Monday delivering packages and express mail.