Edgewater Bay Employees Say They Are Sad To Be Leaving

Edgewater Bay Golf Course employees know their days of listening to the sounds of a noisy clubhouse are numbered. The course will soon be history and so will the jobs of the employees who work there.

Bill Seay came out of retirement three years ago to work in the pro shop, and he's not excited about going back.

"I'm depressed that the golf course is closed and rather disgusted with people's attitude that this was something like a cow pasture when its an excellent golf course," Seay said.

A year of working at Edgewater Bay has taught John Everett how to play golf among other things.

"I'm a little bit more outgoing," said year long employee John Everett. "It's a job where you have to encounter people every day, and it's taught me to where I can be more sociable with people I don't know."

The workers say they will miss the greens, the golfers and most of all, each other.

"This is a family atmosphere type operation, and everybody is just like a big family" Seay said. "I will really miss that"

The sale of the golf course to a Hattiesburg developer is supposed to be finalized on December 29th. Owners say they are not sure how much longer it will stay open after the closing date.

by Danielle Thomas