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James Hagan reflects back on year long legal nightmare

James Hagan James Hagan

James Hagan finds it difficult to talk about what he's been through.  

"It's even hard to describe. It's been definitely the most difficult position I've ever been in my life. I've lost things that can never be replaced," Hagan said. 

Those closest to him provided comfort.  

"All my immediate family, my parents all stood behind me 100 percent. There was never a question that there was anything to any of it. They all fully understood it was all false." Hagan stated. 

At one point, the family grew smaller for awhile when DHS intervened in the case.  

"It's very emotional. I keep thinking about, I was locked up in jail and my nine-year-old son was taken away from his mother, never spent a night without me or his mother and because somebody decided that, no Hagan needs to suffer, let's take the kid away." Hagan recalled.

He also lost his job as a building inspector for the City of Moss Point, and the future employment does not look promising.

"The couple of times that I would look into a job, once they found out what was going on, they didn't need that for their business." Hagan explained. 

He still believes in the American system of justice, but only to a certain point.  

"Innocent until proven guilty. I don't know where people think that comes into play, because it doesn't." Hagan lamented. 

Most elected officials, when confronted with such allegations would have either resigned or taken a leave of absence from office, but not James Hagan. He was adamant about staying in his job as alderman and serving the people. I asked him why he felt that way.

"This is a position where I am at the top and I did not do anything wrong and I was not going to step down and make it look like I had done something wrong," Hagan said. 

Despite all charges being dismissed, the alderman is still bitter about what has happened to him, and why it happened. 

"I don't know if it was personal or political or what the situation is. I just know that it's wrong and false and I do wonder who is responsible. Who do I hold accountable for this?" Hagan asked. 

It's a question that will haunt James Hagan for years.

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