Liquor Stores Say They'll Be Hurting This Christmas Eve

If you're planning to have some wine or champagne with dinner on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, and you haven't made the trip to purchase it you may be out of luck.

Mississippi state law does not allow stores to sell liquor on Sundays or on Christmas day. That means they'll also be closed on New Year's eve.

Liquor store owners say Christmas Eve and New Year's eve are traditionally their busiest days of the year. And every time those days fall on a Sunday, they must cope with a big decline in business.

"We have lobbied to stay open this one Sunday, when every seven years it falls out, but it hasn't been passed where legally we can do that," liquor store owner Shawn Guider says.

Liquor store owners have been reminding people that they need to buy early, not only for Christmas, but also for New Year's next week.