Environmentalists Say Battle To Save Protected Trees Isn't Over

Members of the environmental group Save Our Trees as well as other community members were hoping to send a strong message on Saturday night.

They held a candlelight vigil on land adjacent to the Alamo Plaza Motel property in Gulfport where just over a week ago, several live oak trees were cut down despite the group's objections. The environmentalists say that even though they've suffered a major setback,they will not be silenced.

"The fear is that if we don't carry forward, if we don't continue to fight for the trees, they'll all be gone," Patricia Spinks with Save Our Trees said.  "We don't have time to be afraid. We have only time to move forward."

As candles illuminated the night sky, concerned citizens braved the cold because they wanted to shed light on the importance of protecting the coast's historic trees before it's too late.

"Once we cut down all of our trees and packed it in with a whole lot of people, how are you going to tell it apart from Virginia Beach, Virginia or Tampa Florida or Las Vegas or any number of places that have taken away their own special nature?" asked Ellen Carter of Biloxi..

The grouop said that the vigil wasn't just to observe the trees that are gone, but it was also a battle cry for a fight that is far from over.

by Danielle Thomas