Police Suspicion: Experience Or Sixth Sense?

Most police officers will agree when something does not look right,it probably isn't.

You may call it a sixth sense but one Gautier officer calls it his job.

A Sunday afternoon in Officer Kasey Baxter's footsteps.

"I'm out here patrolling the beat making sure everyone is safe within the beat. That's my first priority," Baxter says.

Baxter says his second priority is paying attention to who is around and what they are doing.

After awhile he says you start to see patterns in the way people live.

When you see them out of their element, Baxter says that is when trouble is probably about to start.

"You get to know who they hang out with and who their friends are. If you see them in a neighborhood and you know they don't have anybody in there, they are pretty much up to no good," Baxter adds.

Being familiar and being around is the way Baxter tries to stop crime before it starts. But he can't prevent everything.

Baxter just got a call to go to Family Dollar.

"A lady just walked out to her car with something under her shirt," the manager said.

A women was arrested Sunday, suspected of stealing a few dollars worth of cat food.

The managers say the incident was total surprise.

They say she was a regular and never would have suspected her of committing this alleged crime.

A suspect is what Baxter looks for when he is on the streets patrolling his beat. So he needs you to keep your eyes pealed, because he says he can't fight crime alone.