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Youth Court expands GED program


Harrison County Youth Court celebrated its newly expanded GED and Wellness Program Friday. The expansion will allow Youth Court advocates to help even more families through health and education. 

Meet Adica Baldwin and Samantha Rollison. Two Future college graduates with big ambitions. While each has her own life story to tell, one thing they have in common is a love for youth court. Something each of them say has completely changed their life.

"I had given up completely. Not a little bit, completely. School was hard and I didn't have the one on one help that I needed. I didn't have any family support or any kind of support from friends or anything, so I just kind of went in the dark and didn't want to do it anymore," Baldwin said.

"I was actually court ordered to come here and try the program and it was awesome. This program has been amazing. They just made it very easy for me to get my GED and get my going where I needed to go," Rollison paid.

With drop out rates in the state at an all time high, there's a big need for programs like these. The problem is, sometimes the need outgrows resources. Now with the help of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and three new trailers donated by the Harrison County Board of Supervisors, Youth Court has adequate space, to help even more people rewrite their futures.

"Right now our drop out rate is just phenomenal. We're doing everything we can to help these students overcome that. Get into training programs and better positions and careers. We love to see the progress. That has made all the difference."

If you ask these students, the proof of progress through education is evident in them.

"You're going to be able to do it. They're going to help you. I'm very glad and now I'm enrolled to start college," Rollison said.

"it has probably been the best experience of my life. It's been really great for me. Now I'm working on going to college," Baldwin said.


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