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Organization that helps homeless women & children gets new home

After a decade of helping homeless women get back on their feet, the Community Care Network now has a permanent place it can call home. Officials said in the past they'd used rental houses to run the transitional program. On Thursday, they cut the ribbon on a newly renovated house in Jackson County thanks to volunteers.

The Gulf Coast Blessings Bible Study group is among the volunteers who laid tile. Hung sheet rock and painted to turn what was a rundown house into a comfortable living space for homeless women and their children.

Carrie Rester "One of the things that God had on our hearts is we needed to take what we were studying and go out into the world," said Carrie Rester, member. "The transitional home was one of the projects our group adopted."

The Community Care Network is a haven for women in need of a second chance in life.

 "We take women who have been incarcerated. We take women who have been in treatment,"  Director Diane Easley said. "We take a lot of homeless women but not what most women think of. Nowadays a young mom with a single salary if she loses that job if she has an apartment then she is out on the street. We get calls like that every week."

Women who stay here get help to find a job and to develop life skills. They also get a lot of encouragement but there are rules.

"We run a very tight ship. We drug test them quite frequently. They don't know when," said Easley. "They have to sign in and out. We know where they're going to be at all times. Even though they have a job we will check and see that's exactly where they went to because sometimes the women that we deal with maybe have not had that structure."

Volunteers said it warms the heart knowing there is place where people trying to make a better life for themselves can go and feel like they belong.

Rester said, "The relief that they have a home that they have that they can transition back into the real world."

Along with a new home, the Community Care Network has a new phone number which is 228-215-2662.

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