Beatles Tribute Helps Ocean Springs Cultural Center

Young musicians in Ocean Springs are turning their love for "The Beatles" into community service. They've organized a fund raising tribute concert Saturday night at the Mary C. O'Keefe cultural center.

They call themselves "The Un-beatle-bles". These musicians weren't even born until long after the Beatles broke up. But they love the music. And with the Beatles, there's lots to love.

"I'm sure that everybody that comes in is going to say, man I wish they'd played that song. Because there's so many good ones. And it's already going to be a pretty long show. People are going to get their money's worth," said guitar player, Travis Scharr, who's playing the part of John Lennon.

And the people's money will be invested in the Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center. The next phase is getting community groups or individuals to "adopt a room" in the old high school.

Bradley Dale is the group's drummer.

"It's a great place. It's a really great place. We're going to adopt, maybe adopt a room. And make a music room," said Dale.

This "new generation" promises to stay true to the tunes.

"That's what everyone is expecting. You can't get more perfect than what they recorded I guess," said Scharr.

The young people will soon have something else in common with the Beatles besides their love for the music: Playing before a sold out audience. You see, the "Un-Beatle-bles" concert is the hottest ticket in town and sold out two days ago.

"We thought we'd have plenty of tickets at the door to sell, but they're all gone. So, it's kind of exciting," Scharr admitted.

It promises to be an exciting night of loving the Beatles music for 400 lucky fans.