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Facebook helps small businesses cash in on Cyber Monday


Most of us think of the big retailers for cyber shopping, but more and more small business without much in the way of advertising dollars are looking for ways to lure you online.  They are hoping to turn Facebook likes and shares into sales and profits.

A year and a half after opening, Bella Rose boutique owners said the Biloxi business is ready to jump log on to the excitement of the Cyber Monday.

"Do your Christmas shopping that way instead of coming out on Black Friday and catching all the deals," said owner Lee Ruiz. "More businesses are starting to promote online and have deals for people that shop online."

Ruiz said his staff is taking full advantage of Facebook's free advertising by posting Cyber Monday deals. They also offer added Facebook discounts designed to help them build a larger customer following.

"If you go on and like our page, you get 10 percent off your entire purchase, and we also do if you check in on Facebook," said Manager Haley Harmond. "We get more likes and the people can see most of our stuff on our news feed. They see it and they want to buy it."

Once people are in the Bella Rose news feed, they'll get future notices on merchandise and special offers.

"We post all of our new arrivals every week," said Harmond. "We have orders coming in. We're already sold out of that order and we haven't even got it yet."

"Say you like the page and then whoever your friends are they'll see that you liked it or see that you like a dress that we have posted," said Harmond.

Owners said they are able to take Internet orders without the expense of having to build and run their own company website.

"We can send you an invoice through PayPal. All they do is the go online put in their credit card information and then we ship it off to you," Harmond said.

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