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MS state troopers gear up for December travel season


Thanksgiving is over, but for state troopers all across Mississippi, the hard work has barely begun.

"Myself working the roads and all the other troopers, we've seen an increase in accidents leading up to Christmas time. I guess its because people have so much on their mind with the holidays coming up. We definitely have an increase in accidents," State Trooper Benjamin Seibert said.

That's exactly why law enforcers are hitting the roadways in big numbers. In most cases, more activity on the highways means the probability of accidents increases.

"Distracted driving is a big problem for us, especially with cell phones and iPods and everything else in the cars. But also another problem we have is people are wrapped up with everything going on in their lives. Whether it's Christmas shopping, football games, everything else. Those thoughts distract drivers as well," Seibert said.

The troopers can't be everywhere at once, but they say sometimes the fact that they're even seen on the roads is enough to make drivers make better choices.

"There's definitely a difference with us being out here and being visible. We're out there being seen, we're out here working and patrolling. We're looking for those reckless drivers. We're looking for speeders, people not paying attention and not wearing their seatbelts. When we drive, because we do it so much we do it in our subconscious. But we need people to make an effort and think of all their driving and pay attention to what they're doing," Seibert said.

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