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Family talks about escaping death after plane crashes into their home

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Loretta and Roosevelt Jamison look at what's left of their home, still stunned over what happened.

"It ain't hit me yet. You know, just coming back seeing it," said Roosevelt Jamison.

Loretta Jamison says she was in her bedroom sorting through her mail around 5:15 that November 13th evening.

"All of a sudden I heard a big noise and it knocked all my stuff down off the mantle on my mantle," added Loretta Jamison.

Before she could figure out what that noise was.

"I heard a big noise and boom; fire started sweeping through and blowed me down; knocked me down on the floor,"  said Loretta.

It soon became apparent that staying inside her home was not an option.

"And I climbed out the window and I held on to the window sill," Loretta explained.

She says a bystander answered her calls for help and she escaped the inferno that was her house.

She suffered second degree burns on her hands, but she was alive.

"She had a graft surgery about a week or so ago and just today she had a followup visit with her doctor and she's probably gonna continue to have a followup treatments just to make sure that everything is healing okay," said the Jamisons' attorney, Omar Nelson.

"I didn't know it was a plane in there at all until I got over to the parking lot after we ran outta the house I thought it was a big tree," Loretta said.

"We're waiting on the NTSB to conduct their investigation. We're conducting an investigation to determine what caused this tragic event and hopefully at some point in time, we can get this matter resolved," Nelson added.

In addition to their house, The Jamison's lost two pets. They are living in a motel now.

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