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Black Friday shoppers converge on Edgewater Mall


Neither a lack of sleep nor the huge crowds could keep some shoppers from the pursuit of the perfect deal.

When the clock struck midnight, the madness began at Edgewater Mall in Biloxi. On this Black Friday, some merchants there are reporting higher sales numbers from last year. Shoppers said they are still finding great bargains.

Susan Brown and her daughter drove down from Laurel and rented a hotel room.

"We shopped all night, slept for about three hours and came back. So been shopping since  about nine," Brown said. "We were at Belk when it opened at midnight. We waited in line. I've never seen, it was just unreal. Everybody was wanting boots and it was crazy. They were everywhere."

JoAnn Blanton said, "I think it's all the excitement of the holiday. Just getting out and being able to shop and find the bargains that you can buy. They have plenty."

"When we first got here we didn't think it was bad until we got into the stores and saw the lines," said Michelle Daigle. "After that we've just been in lines all day but it's been great."

Some of those long lines were at JC Penney's where managers said bargains and special promotions boosted Black Friday sales.

"We opened at six o'clock today and we were very busy off the bat," Assistant Store Manager Jody McKnight said. "We estimate over 400 people here right off the bat. People are coming out. They're spending a lot of money this year, which is a welcome sight when you hear about the down economy."

Some shoppers said the long hours of bargain hunting are worth the savings.

"I'm almost done with all my Christmas shopping and it's only taken one morning," said Amber Lynn Prouix. 

Some customers said while they enjoy the Black Friday deals, they avoid the initial rush.

Debbie Lich doesn't' "like that push, shove, fight grab kind of attitude. So I'm more laid back. Wait until everybody has done that and then see what's left."

However some people regretted not having been early birds.

Jim Starkey said, "Looks like we may have been a little bit late because some of the stuff that we wanted is already sold out."

Some customers admitted although they'd made a lot of purchases, not much of what they bought be would wrapped and put under the Christmas Tree.

"I meant to shop for others, but I got a few presents anyway," said Daigle.

Edgewater Mall will be open until 10pm on Black Friday.

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