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Shoppers hit the stores for a little Turkey Day bargain hunting


It's a tradition for many Americans. Eat the turkey dinner, then make plans to go shopping.

Until recently, the shopping didn't begin until "Black Friday".  But that has changed, with more and more stores opening on Thanksgiving.

For many years, "Black Friday" was "the" big shopping day. However, with increasing competition, stores began opening earlier and earlier; first at midnight, then on Thanksgiving day.

And many stores were open early Thursday, including the Gulfport K-Mart.   

Fueled by the holiday feast, shoppers hit the stores early on Thanksgiving day. Camera Reynolds of Gulfport had three little helpers for her shopping adventure.

"I'm a very thrifty shopper," she said, "I always find the bargains."

Howard Campbell of Ocean Springs says his wife drug him along shopping. We found him near the TV's checking the football scores.

But he too will get a little shopping in.

"It's not too bad. It's not too bad. You just wait until the crowd dies down and then just sneak on in stealth mode and get what you want," said Campbell.

Sisters Ashley and Rebecca Donaldson, joined cousin Britney Boudreaux for a little Turkey day bargain hunting.

"It's just really fun," said Ashley.

Her sister was more serious.

"The feeling of spending money and getting new stuff," she said excitedly.

Nicole Estes was giving her seven-month-old son, Andrew, some early lessons in holiday shopping.

This K-Mart outing is just the beginning; she'll be shopping again on Black Friday.

"We'll probably come back here to K-Mart and Target and Walmart. That's usually the stores we try to hit up. Got to go home and check out the ads," said Estes.

Many stores will be opening at eight o'clock Thanksgiving night. Others open the doors at midnight.

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