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Lots of Thanksgiving travelers on the roads



Gas stations along Highway 49 in Gulfport were steady Wednesday with travelers, some heading out of town and others just arriving in South Mississippi.

Tarrence Wilson drove from Louisiana. "I come down here to see some of my family," he said. "We from New Orleans and we are going to sit back have a good time and eat a lot of turkey."

Wilson said he made the drive the day before Thanksgiving hoping to beat the holiday rush.

"Traffic was very steady. They had a couple of accidents, but other than that it was fine," Wilson said.

Steven Stricklen and his family made a five hour trek from Boonville to enjoy a relaxing Thanksgiving in Gulfport.

"We are down here my son plays on a ball team that is actually playing in Ocean Springs and they are playing Friday afternoon and we decided to come early and make a vacation of it," Stricklen said.

The folks from Enterprise Rent-A-Car on Highway 49 said there is also a lot of people headed out of town. So many people have been renting cars they had to bring in some from their other sites. They say most of the South Mississippians they talked with were headed to Texas, Tennessee and Atlanta.

The Appletons are one of the families headed out of town and they say they can hardly wait to be with their family in Shaw.

"My mom, my brothers and sisters, we are all going home to enjoy some good home cooking," John Appleton said.

But they will have to fight a bit of traffic first. 

"It's pretty bad. You know, we try to get out there before it's real heavy. As you can see, it's heavy. It's heavy out there," Appleton said.

The good news is they are scheduled to arrive before Thanksgiving is served.

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