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Be safe this Black Friday


Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, sale signs everywhere luring shoppers with deals they cannot pass up, but those deals are also luring thieves. Sgt. Jackie Rhodes says do not make yourself or your vehicle a target.

"Historically we go into the store get a bunch of packages, take them out to the car stick them in the car and go get more packages, that's fine to do that, but I suggest you put them in the trunk of your car so they won't be seen, out of site out of mind. There are unfortunately people who go around parking lots searching for packages in vehicles," Rhodes said.

He says always make sure to lock your car and be alert whether it is walking to and from the stores or even while inside.

"Just be aware of your surroundings, don't be so intent on your packages and looking at your stuff as you are pay attention to your surroundings," Rhodes said.

Purses are also a target for thieves, Rhodes warns that it is best to keep them close to you and always keep them closed. If you happen to become a victim of a purse snatcher, you have to remember your safety is more important than the bag.

"You have to weigh your decision on what you are going to do, I would suggest let them have the purse and be done with it, Rhodes said. "If you are paying attention and looking alert then you won't have a problem."

He also says if you ever feel unsafe do not hesitate to get security or call police.

"Use your gut, trust your gut instincts, good common sense safety issues and we will be good, everyone will have a great shopping season," Rhodes said.

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