Mother Remembers Son's Brave Fight With Cancer

"I celebrate Mark because he was my child, he was my only child, he gave me so much joy," Mark's Mother Erin Page said.

Mark Brown was 15 with doctors diagnosed him with cancer. They didn't expect him to see 16, but he did.

"His strength and the way he fought this cancer, it's unimaginable to me that I could ever deal with it like he dealt with it. He wasn't afraid. He had a lot of faith in God. I admire Mark for that and I love him."

A computer given to him from the Make A Wish Foundation helped Mark keep up with his school work while he was being home schooled and undergoing Chemo therapy treatments.

He was able to return to school his senior year and experience what he'd looked forward to for 12 years - graduatation.

"He faced people telling him he wasn't going to make it and that child graduated against all odds. I'm so proud of him, I'll be forever proud of him."

Mark wanted to become a computer scientist and started college last fall. In fact, he took the computer he got from Make A Wish with him.

After a few months in school, he became sick. Doctors told him the cancer was back and had spread.

"He said, 'God brought me through it before and he'll bring me through it again.' And he said, 'If I don't make it through it again he'll still take care of me. One day at a time, Mom.'"

"It's hard to watch. You can't imagine what it's like to watch a child hurting and you can't do nothing. I hope one day there'll be an end to this cancer, especially for children."

Family members say they can't thank the community enough for supporting them through the entire ordeal. Several benefits were held to help pay for Mark's medical expenses.

"You can't buy that kind of affection, you can't. That's something that comes from the heart. And the people in Harrison and Hancock Counties have a lot of heart."

Funeral services will be held for Mark this Saturday at St. Rose Delima in Bay St. Louis.

by Al Showers