Biloxi Residents Vote Against Golf Course Purchase

Biloxi residents were at the polls voting on a non-binding referendum on whether the city should buy the Edgewater Bay Golf Course or not.

Poll workers at some of Biloxi's voting precincts said the turnout was steady but not real heavy as citizens decided whether the city should spend seven point seven million dollars to buy the Edgewater Golf Course.

The vote will give the Biloxi City Council an answer before they vote on the issue. Ten precincts were open including one in newly annexed Woolmarket. Precincts closed at seven and about 45 minutes later the counting started at the individual precincts. By nine, the votes were done being counted and the results sent to City Hall in Biloxi for certification.

The referendum failed by a 2,253 to 1,673 vote. Biloxi's City Council will meet tomorrow to discuss the results of the vote.