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Black Friday shopping? There's an app for that!


Black Friday has gone high tech. Some of your favorite retailers have turned to smart phones to promote their best deals this holiday season.

National surveys suggest more than half of those who own smart phones and nearly two thirds of those who own tablets will use their devices to research and purchase holiday gifts.

"If you can get on your tablet or your smart phone and find these deals, you know what you're looking for and you can base your price points on those apps," says Jimmy Robinson, a Manager at AT&T, "So if I'm at home right now, I'm looking for a smart TV, I can go to Best Buy, I can go to a Target or another large retailer and find those large TVs at discount prices using that application. So I know what to expect when I get into the store."

There seems to be an "app" for everything these days, like the popular code scanner that allows you to read a barcode and learn more information about a product.

Some favorite apps for smart phone users are Shopkick, SlickDeals, and TGI Black Friday. That's an app that links you to major retailers like Best Buy, KMart, JC Penny and Home Depot.

It seems hardcore Black Friday shoppers are taking advantage of these apps, even it they're only valid once a year.

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