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Super Saturday attracts hundreds


The Pascagoula School District celebrated 100 years Saturday. Kids and their families were invited out to Super Saturday to celebrate the anniversary.

From fire trucks to cup building, students mapped their way around the Pascagoula Family Interactive Center during the educational Super Saturday.

One lady said, "That's right Jackson County, we are way down at the bottom of the map."

The 100 year anniversary was the influence at many interactive stations on this day. From making a chain with 100 paper clips to students learning how to break up bills at the bank.

One child said, "With a 100 bill, you can break it into 50's."

4th grader Cassie McGrath said while she enjoys playing all the fun games being offered, she wishes she could travel back to the day it all began.

Cassie McGrath said, "I wish I had a time machine to see what the Pascagoula School District was like when it was first made. I would be so shocked. Like, oh my!"

While the birthday party was a hit for many, students and their families also had the chance to salute our nations heroes.

Wayne Rodolfich said, "And we also have our veterans out today and they are working with children in different rooms."

School Superintendent Wayne Rodolfich said Super Saturday is all about fun and education mixed together.

Rodolfich said, "Well it think its important for families to spend time together. This provides a safe place where they can all learn together and I think we should be doing more of that in our community."

One dad said, "We love it. It gives us a chance as parents to interact with our kids and for them to have a great time."

The Pascagoula School District has been offering Super Saturdays for three years.

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