Feeding The Masses

The "Our Daily Bread" soup kitchen is up and running again after moving into its new facilities on Old Mobile Highway. The 4500 square foot building gives the charity almost three times the dining space it had in its old building and nearly four times as much storage space.

Volunteers like Tommy Henderson say they like the bigger kitchen best.

"It gives me more room to maneuver around and get what I've got to get. My pots and pans, I got plenty of space for that. I love my kitchen space," says Henderson.

Lela Mae Vaxter has volunteered at Our Daily Bread for nearly 14 years.

"I'd rather have this place any time than to have the old place, because it's real nice," says Vaxter.

"I love it," says Henderson. "I don't think we could have found a better place."

Patrons of Our Daily Bread like the new building as well.

"It's beautiful," says Patron Blondine Grant. "It's nice and real good food and everybody's real nice, beautiful people. Thank God for sending them here. Keep everybody from walking around hungry."

The organization serves and delivers nearly 500 meals a day.

"If we didn't, there'd be a lot of hungry people out there," says Henderson. "I'm glad to see people can come in and get them a hot meal. That's why I get up out of my bed every morning and come up here to lend a helping hand."

If you're interested in making donations to Our Daily Bread, call 769-7510.