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Governor joins Biggest Loser to educate kids

Season 10 Biggest Loser Patrick House, his publicist, Angela Ladner, and Governor Phil Bryant all have something in common.

"It is a difficult thing to overcome.  I can remember even in my college years when I lost a lot of weight, you always think you're still that heavy kids," Governor Bryant said.

House shared his story as well.  "they can see pictures of me when I was over 420 pounds and know that I made the difference and I'm motivating and inspiring them to make the same changes."

Ladner's battle with obesity has just begun. "I have three little girls.  I need to be the mother they need me to be, and that's not at this weight."

It's a message that is being targeted to youngsters at Warren Central Intermediate School. The hope is starting early will have a lasting impact.

Governor Bryant's testimonial relates to being overweight when he was a kid and knowing how it feels to be picked on. "You have to encourage kids to let them know there is another way. You can either say I'm going to be this way the rest of my life and there's nothing I can do about it, or you can work your way out of it. It drives me to this day. I was in the gym last night working out. Just not going to let ourselves get in that situation anymore."

House fell into his biggest obesity trap after the end of his college football career at Delta State.

Now that he's won his personal obesity battle, he has taken his experience to more than 20,000 Mississippi school children through his Lean on Me program. "I've worked with kids in making healthier food selections. I work with them on exercising and having fun."

House is broadening the field and has become a personal trainer.

His new client is his publicist, Angela Ladner. She will be a work in progress for the children to watch. "I am really embracing a healthier life style as the upcoming season of the Biggest Loser is on the horizon. We'll going to do this together," Ladner said.

Ladner's cheery attitude does not soften House's plans for her future. "I'm looking forward to working with her and whipping her back into shape and I hope she's not expecting me to be nice and friendly when we get in to the gym because it's not going to be."

Anyone wanting to talk with House about personal training can contact him at

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