Just You And The Governor

It starts with a hand shake, and then it's one on one with the Governor of Mississippi behind closed doors. It's his son's idea, but he liked it and now it's on the coast.

"I felt like it was important to take the governor to the people or either allow the people to spend some time expressing their feelings," Gov. Ronnie Musgrove says.

Claudette Walker put her name on the list to speak with the Governor and saved a trip to Jackson. "Being able to meet with him here on our own turf was pretty unique."

Because this was an opportunity to bring up whatever was on your mind to the governor, he was ready for anything. While Claudette Walker used the session to gain information and networking, others like Christine Weiland and Joel Turner were asking for help on changing a law.

Christine Weiland says, "The actions must commence before the child's 21st Birthday, so we're strong advocates for child abuse victims, and we went in and talked to the governor about changing this law."

Meanwhile Joel Turner says, "With his support and the support of the state legislature hopefully we can make some positive changes, so that those who do take advantage of our children will be held accountable."

While it may have only been a short session with the Governor, the folks who sat down with him were pleased with the time. Claudette Walker says, "A lot of support for the information that I was sharing and also some follow up in the future, so he was very receptive."

Joel Turner agrees, "he told us which direction to head in, and how to go about it and offered his support."

Gov. Musgrove says, "No question that I am learning because in many instances, good suggestions come from different places, and then we can take those suggestions and the ideas to make government more efficient, more effective, more consumer oriented for our people in Mississippi."

Gov. Musgrove has already scheduled one-on-one sessions for the rest of his term. Every second Wednesday in the month will be designated as one-on-one with the governor.