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Jackson Co. elementary students thank local war heroes


Hundreds of students at East Central Upper Elementary took a break from the books Monday to thank American troops for risking their lives for their freedoms. 

The Armed Forces Medley echoed through East Central Upper Elementary as kids marched with military flags and colorful homemade signs to honor troops. For four years, students and staff have put on a special veterans' tribute ceremony that's filled with patriotic songs, poems, and personalized thank you letters from the heart. 

"Dear soldiers, I am unbelievably thankful for your sacrifice to leave your homes and fight for our country," a student said to crowd of veterans. 

"I thank you for fighting so we can all lay our heads down and sleep and be safe. God Bless you and thank you soldiers," another student said.  

Air Force veteran and parent TJ Golson said he was overwhelmed by this praise from his daughter and all her classmates. 

"Thank you for what you have done for us," Golson said. 

The veteran told this crowd that no matter how long or where his fellow veterans have served, they were brave enough to answer the call. 

"Some have fought in hand to hand combat in trenches; some have fallen from the skies, some from tanks, and some from ships. Many, many thousands, hundreds thousands of our men and women have been lost and they paid the ultimate price for your freedom, our freedom. We say that so often, but I think it's time we internalized that and understand what that means," Golson said. 

The elementary students also handed out keepsakes to all the veterans who attended the ceremony.

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