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Broadband business owner has message for Governor Bryant


Governor Bryant's recent remarks about the economic potential of broadband caught the attention of a coast business owner.

Last week, the governor praised the benefits of broadband in his remarks to Go Coast 2020, the group he appointed to develop smart investments for the use of BP fine money.

"There's remarkable discussions about using this Mississippi Gulf Coast as a broadband center to make sure that we've got a broadband community that stretches across the gulf coast that we can bring in high tech industries. There's very few places in the country that have that capability and we're very near now to having that," the governor told the group.

"What the state is trying to do, is something that really hits home for me," said Joe Miller, who runs an internet service provider called "DSL By Air."

"We do already have a broadband system here. The biggest thing I can suggest to the governor is instead of re-inventing the wheel, and spending money on a system that's already in place, invest in the small companies already here," Miller explained.

Miller says while 70 percent of Mississippi does not have access to broadband, things are different along the coast. The challenge becomes keeping pace with ever-changing broadband demands and technology.

"Speeds are getting greater. The demand is higher. Netflix is driving a lot of that. So, we've got to make sure the broadband that is available here is capable of supporting all of that. And that's what people want," he said.

Miller said he was certainly pleased to hear Governor Bryant talking about broadband and the importance of advancing technology as an economic development tool in South Mississippi.

"He's on the right track and I applaud him for it. It's an economic thing. It's just simple economics. Bring technology here and everything else will follow," said the small business owner.

Miller plans on contacting Go Coast 2020 to let them know how companies like his may be in the best position to help develop that broadband corridor the governor talked about.

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