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An obstacle course that beats all obstacles courses


"It's rough, it's rugged. It's out in the woods. It's things you don't expect, all meant to break you physically and mentally," said Spartan Race founder Joe Desena.

Desena referred to the Spartan race as, "one of the most difficult challenges of your life."

Despite the apparent misery of the race, it also has an enticing element.

"The challenge of it all, take on the challenge. Finish that one and get to the next one," said team "Spartacus."

"It's just a lot of fun. I always like to push my limits and see where I'm going and what I'm doing, where I can improve," said racer Josh Ord.

The Spartan Race has been the global leader in obstacle racing since 2005.

The race travels across the world. It challenges teams to test their strength, stamina, and mental endurance in a 4 and a half mile trek through multiple obstacles.

From jumping over a fire pit, to climbing 10-foot walls, to crawling through trenches under barbed wire... this race tests even the best athlete's strength.

Teams like the Cavanaghs entered as a mother daughter Christmas challenge. While, others like, team "Dirty Girls" are all jokes... Until race time.

At the end of the race, bonds were formed and through the misery of it all, racers agreed it was well worth the pain.

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