Stennis Technology Helps Find Sunken WWII Aircraft

Some workers at the Naval Oceanographic Office at Stennis Space Center will receive some nationwide TV exposure tonight for work they recently conducted in the Pacific Ocean.

Oceanographers discovered the wreckage of the once powerful Japanese Naval Aircraft carrier, the Kaga. The vessel was destroyed and sank at the Battle of Midway during World War II.

The wreckage was found lying three and a half miles under water with this device.  It's called a Towed Oceanographic Survey System or Toss.  High-tech cameras mounted on the $3.5 million equipment shows Scientists just what's on the ocean floor.

"Previously, we may not have been able to see the wreckage with the technology that was available," naval oceanographer Rick Swanson says.  "The fact that we could actually see it and locate it and map the debris is a demonstration of this newer technology."

A documentary called "The Search For the Japanese Fleet" will air tonight on the Discovery Channel.