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New Gulfport casino means longtime bait shop must close


Brady's Bait House, just west of the Gulfport Harbor, will be gone soon. The bait house sits on private property, and that land has been sold to the company Rotate Black, which plans to put a casino there.

That means the bait shop, which has been either in or around the harbor for decades, will have to leave.

"It has been in my family since 1965," John Bobinger told us. "My grandfather opened it after he came back from WWII."

Bobinger and his family have put in a bid to relocate in the harbor, but they have no idea if they are the low bidder. And they really don't know when they may find that out. In the meantime, they have to leave their current location.

That's not what Brady's customers want to hear.

"They are upset, really upset," Bobinger said. "We try to build relationships, and we feel like we are losing friends, as well as customers."

Councilman Ricky Dombrowski said the city has no say-so on the move by the bait shop, because it sits on private property. He said the city does understand the long standing relationship the bait shop has with the city and its customers. But the bottom line is, the location somewhere in the harbor, will come down to the low bidder.

One bait shop is already there, and Dombrowski is convinced there is enough business for another shop.

As for John Bobinger, he chooses to remain cautiously optimistic that his family's nearly five decade business will be back, and he wants his customers to know that.

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