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Family lucky to be alive after fire


Steve and Jane Dietz were awakened early Friday morning to the sound of the fire alarms.

Jane Dietz said, "If it wasn't for the smoke alarms we would be dead, there is no question about it, the house was totally engulfed when we came out of the bedroom."

Jane grabbed her cell phone and the couple ran out of the house in their pajamas and called 911.

Biloxi Fire Chief David Roberts said, "They didn't think it was as big as it was until they got outside."

It took more than a dozen firefighters about 45 minutes to get the blaze under control, but hours later there were still a few hot spots.

Steve Dietz said, "The house is totaled and the furniture is ruined and the clothes are all wet covered with soot."

From the charred wreckage there was one bright note, at first the couple thought the family dog, Lizzy, had died but she was actually found about three hours after the fire.

"They found her under the house shaking to death," Jane Dietz said. "The fireman drug her out and she's at the vet and the dog is going to be fine so the dog did not die." Her husband jokingly added, "She was asking for either Xanax or Prozac."

The Dietz family said in a time like this you have to have a sense of humor and move on.

"After losing it in Katrina and now losing it again I think we are going to give up this time," Jane Dietz said. But her husband quickly corrected her, "No not giving up, just move to a different spot."

Wherever the Dietzes' end up they say they will always make sure to have the one thing that saved their lives.

"Smoke alarms, smoke alarms, smoke alarms," Jane Dietz said.

And the couple hope everyone who hears their story will check and make sure their smoke alarms are working properly.

Firefighters still do not know what caused the fire on Ancient Oaks Circle, but they do know it started in the back of the house.

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