Who Is The Vice President Anyway?

Vice President Dick Cheney called John Edwards Tuesday to congratulate the man who wants his job. Cheney told John Edwards he looks forward to "a spirited campaign".

After more than three years in office, you'd expect the incumbent vice president enjoys the advantage of strong name recognition. But that's not necessarily the case.

South Mississippi voted overwhelmingly for George Bush in the last presidential election. So, you'd think that here in the heart of "Bush Country", folks would know their vice president. But our random political poll certainly found otherwise.

We posed our political question to people in the heart of downtown Biloxi. In a place where patriotism runs strong, surely this simple quiz won't pose a problem.

But we were wrong.

The first woman we questioned was a sign of things to come.

When asked "who is the vice president?", her response was short and sweet.

"I have no idea," she replied.

Another woman did know his boss at least.

"I know the president is George Bush.  But I have no idea who is vice president", she admitted.

A third response echoed the earlier answers.

"I have no idea," was the woman's answer.

So far, zero success with our unscientific survey. We thought polling outside the library would surely skew our results toward successful responses.

Finally, following a slow start, folks begin to identify the man.

"Cheney", was the reply of one elderly gentleman. "Dick Cheney", he said.

The final woman we questioned had to think about it, but she came up with the right answer.

"Is it Cheney?", she asked, following an initial pause.

The final results were almost even, but in the end the "don't knows" pulled ahead.  Of all the people we questioned, 55 percent could not name the vice president