Road Construction Frustrates Biloxi Resident

A Biloxi road project that's nearly complete is the widening of Jam Lane off Popps Ferry Road. And for one frustrated resident, that multi-million dollar road improvement can't be finished soon enough.

Richard Blessing is the only home owner on that stretch of roadway. He says the project, which began last spring, has been a living hell.

"Let's see, dug out part of large hump. I dug this out because they left a big hump at the end of my driveway," Blessing says.

Richard Blessing expected some inconvenience when Biloxi began working to widen Jam Lane. But he wasn't ready for what he calls "the nightmare" that followed.

"They'd leave it so my wife couldn't get in and out without bottoming her car out. And it's the only way we had to get in and out of here."

He's taken pictures and notes about his ongoing problems. Several times he's been unable to get in and out of his driveway. On other occasions, the contractor cut his telephone line.

"The telephone company abandoned the cable because they cut it so many times," Blessing says. "They cut it almost, I think seven times in one week."

He admits things have gotten better now that the project is nearly finished. But Blessing can't get over the mounting frustrations he's experienced for months on end.

"I've had to call almost weekly to get trash pick up because the trash trucks can't get down here. They've gotten stuck. We haven't gotten mail deliveries because the mail trucks can't get down here."

The construction superintendent told WLOX News they've done everything possible to lessen the inconvenience.

"I've given him my cell number, my home number. I've made myself readily available to him. If he has any questions, concerns, any complaints, he can come to me and I'll gladly work on them in any way I possibly can," project superintendent Charles Browning says.

Blessing says he was actually glad to see the road improvement plans. He's just anxious for the work to be finished.

"I called the contractor one day and the woman's explanation for something they'd done to us was, 'well, we're trying to build a road'. And I said, 'well, I'm trying to live back there'."