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Parents upset over anti-abortion rallies outside high schools

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Groups of pro-life activists spent the morning passing out anti-abortion information to Jackson high school students.

Representatives from the group States of Refuge, Operation Save America held graphic posters of aborted babies outside of the Jackson Women's Health Organization. It's Mississippi's only abortion clinic.

The activists said they believe every baby should be protected by love and the law. They also took their photos and signs outside of Murrah and Callaway High Schools before students went inside.

"High School girls are coming in here and killing babies, so we want to educate them before they come here and kill their children. Already this week, I've seen three different high school sweatshirts on girls in the city here come here and murder their children," said States of Refuge member Cal Zastrow.

Callaway High School parent LaWanda Russell Harvey said the signs and posters were offensive and grotesque.

"I personally asked one lady not to hand a pamphlet to my son and she acted as if I wasn't there, but he took it upon himself not to accept it, but it was just the notion of her ignoring my request," Harvey said.

Members of States of Refuge also plan to pass out information at additional high schools Friday.

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