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MS Democrats launch plan to turn state 'blue' in 2016


Mississippi Democrats said while they're thrilled America chose to give President Barack Obama four more years, they wish our state had been one of those that propelled him to victory. The Magnolia State has long been a Republican strong hold in presidential elections. Democrats said the launch of Project 1876 could create a very different outcome four years from now.

At the Harrison County Democratic Headquarters, they were not only savoring the President's victory Wednesday, but also planning for 2016 when they want to see a Democratic candidate carry Mississippi.

"I'm going to be optimistic and say one day we will," said Democrat Dianne Kirk. "Because I know we can but it's just going to take a lot of work to get that across."

A map shows how most of Mississippi's counties were won by Republican candidate on Tuesday. Democrats hope to change that with the launch of Project 1876, that is the number of voting precincts in our state. The community organizing program will build ongoing relationships.

Joe Irvin, Harrison County Democratic Campaign Committee Chair, said, "We'd like to get organizers in those precincts and start now to really organize Mississippi.  We'd like to disseminate the Democratic message in those communities."

"We'd like to begin now to develop a list of a volunteer database. We'd like to create an army of Democratic potential voters. We don't want to wait until right before the election. We want to start now," said Irvin. "The time to engage people is not six months before the election. I think it's too late then."

In the quest to give President Obama a Democratic successor, party members said they need to get their message out.

"We strongly believe that if you look at the issues that Democratic party stands on we're a state that would benefit from Democratic leadership," Irvin said. "When you look at issues like Medicare, Medicaid, the Democratic party has a much stronger position. When you look issues that affect women like equal pay and the right to chose and so forth, I think we can persuade Americans in Mississippi to vote Democratic."

Democrats said they realize turning Mississippi from red to blue won't be easy but they said are up for the challenge.

To get an idea of the challenge Democrats face in South Mississippi:

Hancock County

Romney 12,859

Obama 3,859


Pearl River County

Romney 15,836

Obama 3,813


Harrison County

Romney 38,646

Obama 22,242


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