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USM students share views on presidential election


Tuesday's presidential election dominated the discussion during one class at USM Gulf Park Wednesday. WLOX News sat in on a Sociology class where students have been studying the election and topics like social class, inequality, and gender. The students had plenty to say about the issues that both candidates brought up on the campaign trail.

Some students had strong opinions in response to Tuesday's presidential election.

"I was no fan of Mitt Romney at the beginning. I didn't vote for Mitt Romney in the primaries; however, the man is a highly successful businessman," said USM Junior Michael Morris.

Most of the students in the Sociology class at USM in Long Beach voted Tuesday. They have been studying how both candidates addressed social issues like the economy, poverty and class structures.

"How does this affect this middle class, and or American dream, this election?" Assistant Professor Dr. Marie des Neiges Leonard asked the class.

"I feel like there have been more pressure on the middle class on the past year, where the middle class starts getting weaker and weaker and starts turning into lower class," said USM Junior Ali Yazdanshenas. 

"Right now what they need to work on is strengthening the middle class and try to improve society somehow where there's a stronger middle class to keep the balance," he added.

"I think the country is pretty divided over the fate of the middle class and I think we all agree we want to keep it. I think the division is how to get it back," said USM Junior Joshua Bergeron.

The students also expressed their views on the ongoing debate over the popular vote verses electoral votes.

"What does it matter if we vote? It doesn't  anymore, because our vote didn't count," said USM Junior Dawn Dziejma.

"Right now, it's still divided because they're still counting those votes. So I do wonder like why do we even waste our time. Why do we go?" asked USM Freshman Nicole Kriss.

"As far as people, they're hoping for a better future. They don't care at this point if a Democratic party wins or a Republican. They just want some sort of change or difference to improve the overall economy," said Yazdanshenas.

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