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MS Republicans and Democrats use resources to sway swing state voters


Millions of dollars have been spent on rallies and ads to court voters in swing states like Florida and Ohio. However, in Mississippi it's a far different story. WLOXs' parent company Raycom Media owns television stations in Biloxi, Hattiesburg, and Jackson. Not one presidential ad has run on any of these stations since the Republican nominee was locked up. Local leaders in both parties were asked about why Mississippi gets so little attention in these races.

While the workers at the Harrison County Democratic headquarters in Gulfport kept track of voting patterns at local precincts, a map on the office wall reminded them of what the party's strategy is nationally.

"What the map looks at is where we have those key swing states," Joe Irvin, Harrison County Democratic Campaign Committee Chair said. "States like Ohio, Florida. States across the country, where there is a high electoral turnout and where the population can go Republican or Democrat. You've got to focus in on those states. We did phone banking to people in Florida."

While Democrats made phone calls, Harrison County Republicans made a call out for volunteers to head to the Sunshine state to help secure its 29 electoral votes for Mitt Romney.

"We in Mississippi send people there to help in those areas that are critical," said Harrison County Republican Chairman Al Hopkins. "That's the system that is in America today and we're going to operate on that system. That is one of the reasons we go to certain states to be sure that we carry those states and so it's the law until it's changed we'll operate under that system. "

The electoral college system means the person who wins the popular vote doesn't always win the election. Some voters said while they find that frustrating, it's not enough to keep them from the polls.

Clinard Davis, a Harrison County voter said he knows how it important it is to vote.

"That's our right to vote. We should vote anyway. You've got to keep voting in order to change things. Nothing is going to change if you don't vote," Davis said.

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