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Biloxi students cast ballots for favorite presidential candidate


While their parents went to the polls Tuesday, many children in Biloxi also got a chance to vote for their favorite presidential candidate. More than 1,000 students took part in mock elections. Besides picking a president, some students found a bonus on their ballot.

With CREATE gifted students manning the polling stations, North Bay Elementary School held its very first mock presidential election.

"I think it has gone wonderful. We started off last Friday with our Rock the Vote pep rally and we really got the students encouraged and excited about voting," said CREATE teacher Traci Payne.

About 600 students learned how to cast their ballots. Their choices: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or any candidate they believe is the right person to run the country.

"Each person counts as one vote. But if nobody voted, then well, there would be no president, because one person can really make a difference," said fourth grader Addie Grace Pyron.

Over at Gorenflo Elementary, ballot boxes contained the votes of more than 500 students.   The students have been learning about the presidential race and civic responsibility leading up to the pretend election.    

"I voted for my president, because I think he was really good and he knows a lot of stuff, and I talked to my parents about him too," said third grader Emily Johnson.

And to drive home the message that their vote really matters, the school asked the students to make another important decision: Choose the snack they want for an upcoming school celebration.

"Do they have popcorn, nachos, or ice cream as their snack? So their voice will be heard by whatever they choose," said Gorenflo teacher Miranda Vandezande.

After tallying the votes, the students at Gorenflo Elementary chose "ice cream" as their favorite snack. The chilly treat received 216 votes.

In the presidential race at Gorenflo, Barack Obama won with 398 votes compared to Mitt Romney, who received 106 votes.  The results of the election at North Bay Elementary will be announced Tuesday.

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