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Superstorm Sandy had more rolling up their sleeves in Biloxi


Superstorm Sandy has affected millions along the East Coast, causing massive devastation and destruction. That's why Disney and ABC teamed up with the American Red Cross for a "Day of Giving" to raise money for those relief efforts.

But they are also in need of increased blood donations from other parts of the nation. That's one reason Monday's regular blood drive at Edgewater Mall in Biloxi had so many donors.

"I just think it's important to donate to those who need it," Donor Janae Burgess said.

Billy Davis said, "Trying to help someone out, you know."

Burgess and Davis are among nearly 100 South Mississippians who showed up to the Red Cross Blood Drive at Edgewater Mall to give the gift of life.

Rhonda Dodge with the Gulf Coast Red Cross said, "We've had a lot of excitement and a lot of interest because of Superstorm Sandy."

Dodge said the disaster caused by Sandy has increased their need for blood donations from other parts of the nation.

"So we are looking at other Red Cross regions across the nation to do their part, to say, 'Hey, we have blood to spare. We have some to share.'"

Sheryl Allen wants to share whatever she can with Sandy's victims.

"I can't do anything," Allen said. "I can't take off and go up there and there's not a lot of money to donate, so this is about the only thing I actually can do."

Billy Davis didn't donate because of Sandy, he's a regular.

"If somebody needs help, I'm always going to be there to help them. This lady, Ieesha, she just poked me once, didn't hurt or nothing. Give a little blood to help somebody out."

And they definitely need the help right now. Dodge says the Red Cross lost 365 scheduled blood drives in 13 U.S. States because of the destruction in the Northeast.

"Because of Superstorm Sandy with power outages, with flooding, with all the different things going on all along the east coast, and that is encompassing 12,300 units of blood."

Their goal at this one drive was 49 units and they collected 78 units of blood.

The Edgewater Mall Blood Drive is the first and last Monday of each month.

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