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Harrison County election officials ready for big day


With election day on our front doorstep, election officials in Harrison County spent Monday preparing for the big day.

Absentee ballots have arrived and were being sorted through at the Harrison County Circuit Clerk's office. While ballots, voter rolls and voting scanners are being picked up by precinct workers at the election commission.

"The total number of precincts is 66," said District one Election Commissioner Toni Jo Diaz. "The poll managers are here picking up supplies, ballots and scanners. The rest went out this morning to the five county districts, such as voting machines."

Intense interest in the 2012 election, driven by a big presidential race, should produce a solid voter turnout.

"It's always hard to predict turnout. Four years ago we were at 61 percent. I predict we'll have at least that tomorrow," said Circuit Clerk Gayle Parker.

"We're expecting a big turnout," Diaz said. "Presidential races always bring the most."

Complete results will not be available in the county when polls close Tuesday night. According to Parker, while actual votes will be counted, there is the matter of tallying affidavit votes.

"We will have a lot of affidavits. We always do. Those are counted by election commissioners. It takes three, four, sometimes five days to process affidavit ballots."

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